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abstractThe mechanism of the tunnel electroresistance effect of a Co/PbTiO3/La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 multiferroic tunnel junction is studied in detail using experimental and theoretical methods. Based on experimental data, we present a model that explains the correlation between the polarization of the ferroelectric material and the observed resistance state based on the effective change of the tunnel barrier thickness.We show that the observed thickness variation can neither be completely attributed to the asymmetric inverse piezoelectric effect in the classical sense, nor to asymmetric screening of the polarization charge. The analysis of detailed ab initio calculations quantitatively demonstrates that a mixture of electronic and structural phenomena is responsible for the change in effective tunnel barrier thickness upon polarization reversal. On the one hand, the ferroelectric material exhibits a reversible metallization at one of the interfaces, which shifts the boundary between the ferroelectric material and the electrode. On the other hand, a piezoelectric effect that stems from different terminations of the ferroelectric ultrathin film towards the electrodes magnifies this effect. Combined, the electrically switchable effective change in thickness is as large as 0.15 nm, which dominates the resistive switching effect in the presented junction that involves a 3.2 nm thin PbTiO3 film. Thiswork contributes to the deeper understanding of fundamental mechanisms that lead to tunnel electroresistance and imposes new ways for tailoring the characteristics of electroresistive tunnel junctions.
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abstractRecent experiments have revealed spectacular transport properties in semimetals, such as the large, non-saturating magnetoresistance exhibited by WTe2 (ref. 1).Topological semimetals with massless relativistic electrons have also been predicted2 as three-dimensional analogues of graphene3. These systems are known as Weyl semimetals, and are predicted to have a range of exotic transport properties and surface states4−7, distinct from those of topological insulators8,9. Here we examine the magneto-transport properties of NbP, a material the band structure of which has been predicted to combine the hallmarks of a Weyl semimetal10,11 with those of a normal semimetal. We observe an extremely large magnetoresistance of 850,000at 1.85 K (250% at room temperature) in a magnetic field of up to 9 T, without any signs of saturation, and an ultrahigh carrier mobility of 5 x 106 cm2 V−1 s−1 that accompanied by strong Shubnikov-de Haas (SdH) oscillations. NbP therefore presents a unique example of a material combining topological and conventional electronic phases, with intriguing physical properties resulting from their interplay.
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