Nanoengineering of functional Oxides

Ferroelectric Micro- and Nanotubes

Ferroelectric micro- and nanotubes

Fundamental questions of finite size effects in one-dimensional systems such as nanowires and nanotubes are not yet clarified, although recent theoretical investigations predicted the stability of the ferroelectric polarization in nanowires down to a radius of only 1.2 nm. The fabrication of one-dimensional ferroelectric systems, such as nanowires and nanotubes, is thus of high scientific interest and will also have a high potential in applications such as nano-size actuators or piezoelectric scanners. We have used wetting of ordered porous templates and also conformal deposition of silicon and ZnO nanowires in order to prepare one-dimensional ferroelectric nanostructures with diameters ranging from 100 nm to several Ám and lengths from a fraction of a Ám to several hundred Ám.


 Ferroelectric micro- and nanotubes:

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