Major Research Collaborations



The NanoSTRESS Project is a joint project between the Fraunhofer Institute of Mechanics of Materials and the Max Planck Institute of Microstructure Physics. It is funded in the framework of a variety of competitively reviewed projects funded to promote cooperation enterprises between the Max Planck Society and the Fraunhofer Society. The scientific focus of this joint project is on the fabrication and characterization of mechanically strained nanostructures. Special emphasis lies on the fabrication of model materials that contain strain at the nanoscale like nanostructured strained silicon (sSi) or semiconductor nanowires with heterojunctions of different materials that contain local strains, as well as on the development/improvement of different strain detection methods with preferentially high spatial resolution. The MPI activities in the framework of this joint project are organized in two subgroups headed by Dr. S. Christiansen and Dr. V. Schmidt.


Associated members funded by other source and contributing to NanoSTRESS: Dr. M. Reiche, Dr. O. Mountanabbir, Dr. W. Erfurth, K. Sklarek, S. Hopfe.

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