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P. Werner

The research initiative SiLi-nano® (Silicon and light: from macro to nano) within the program “Centre of for Innovation Competence“ (ZIK) from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is one of the ambitious joint activities of three following institutes at the „Weinberg Campus“ in Halle:

  • the Martin-Luther-University (MLU) of Halle-Wittenberg,
  • the Fraunhofer Institute for Mechanics of Materials Halle (IWMH), and
  • the MPI of Microstructure Physics.

The research focus of SiLi-nano® is on integrated silicon photonics, sensors, and photovoltaics. Its objectives are directed to the fundamental and applied research work of the following two main directions:

Light-to-silicon: This direction is related to the applied research of the “photon management” of solar cells of the third generation. A close collaboration with the granted research activity “SiThinSolar” within the program “InnoProfile” from the BMBF and with the newly founded Fraunhofer-Center for Silicon Photovoltaics (CSP) in Halle is already established.
Silicon-to-light: deals with the fundamentals and the applied development of effective light sources based on silicon. Different approaches are implemented, such as nanophotonics and nonlinear optics. It includes:

i) the crystal growth of specific semiconductor heterostructures (Si, Ge, Sn) as well as
ii) methods of nanostructuring, such as advanced lithographic and nanoimprint techniques.


Fig. 1: SiGe nanopillars for enhanced IR luminescence.


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