Major Research Collaborations


Device and Circuit Performance Boosted Through Silicon Material Fabrication (DECISIF)


The combination of a new generation of strained silicon on insulator (sSOI) substrates (diameter 300 mm) with novel local stressors (reverse embedded SiGe) and high-k dielectrica are the main issues within the DECISIF project to increase the performance of fully depleted (FD) ultra thin body (UTB) as well as partially depleted (PD) SOI MOSFETs at 45 nm node and below.


DECISIF is a MEDEA+ project combining research activities of German and French partners from industrial companies and research institutes. According to the regulations of MEDEA+, the DECISF project is nationally funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.







Project Partners

Methods to introduce strain in MOSFET channels

Local Strain (Process-Induced Strain)

Global Strain

Patterning and characterization of strain in sSOI materials






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