Size-controlled Si Nanocrystals


Photonic Structures:

M. Zacharias, R.J. Zhang, and S.-Y. Seo


Microdisks based on in-plane embedded size-controlled Si nanocrystal/SiO2 superlattices (Si-NCs/SiO2 SLs) were mass-fabricated arranged in well ordered arrays by evaporation, optical lithography and etching techniques. Overlapping, whispering-gallery-modes (WGM) of the visible nanocrystalline-silicon luminescence were observed for our microdisk arrays. We found that only one axial and one radial whispering gallery mode exist due to their small disk thickness and birefringence characteristic of Si-NCs/SiO2 SLs and that the mode spacing is 15 nm and 6 nm for microdisks with a diameter of 8.8 µm and 23.7 µm, respectively.








Zhang, R. J. , S.-Y. Seo , A. P. Milenin , M. Zacharias , and U. Gösele
Visible range whispering-gallery mode in microdisk array based on size-controlled Si nanocrystals.

Applied Physics Letters 88 (15) , 153120 (2006)  


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