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Size-controlled Si Nanocrystals

Size controlled Si Nanocrystals

Si nanocrystals in an layered arrangement are prepared by depositing SiO/SiO2 superlattices followed by a post-annealing at 1100°C under N2. The deposition can be performed either by reactive evaporation of SiO powder or by using PECVD. Basic investigations like quantum confinement and the energy transfer to Erbium ions are realized. In addition, for applications in photonic or electronic structures we are investigating carrier transfer and migration as well as the charge storage in MOS structures for memory applications.




Basic Investigations
Photonic Structures
Charge Storage

Zhang, R. J. , S.-Y. Seo , A. P. Milenin , M. Zacharias , and U. Gösele
Visible range whispering-gallery mode in microdisk array based on
size-controlled Si nanocrystals.
Applied Physics Letters 88 (15) , 153120 (2006)

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