Si/Ge and III-V Light-Emitting Nanostructures


Silicon – Germanium Islands

P. Werner, N.D. Zakharov, L. Sokolov, and Y. Wakayama


Self-organization of ordered nanostructures on crystal surfaces represents a unique phenomenon, which opened new possibilities of research in basic physics as well as in device application during the last decade.



A very thin layer of carbon deposited on a Ge dot surface was found to stabilize Ge dot structures. When the Ge dots were covered by the C layers, a hut with elongated structure was maintained even after thermal annealing and a dome with high aspect ration was formed in Si matrix. Morphological analysis using atomic force microscopy and transmission electron microscopy revealed that the stability of the Ge dot was depending on the thickness of the C cover layer. These results provide a new method for a fine control of size and structure of the Ge dot on a nanometer scale.


Further information at “publications” and Y. Wakayama, G. Gerth, P. Werner and L. V. Sokolov, Surf. Sci. 493, 399 (2001).

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