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Photonic Crystals: 2D / 3D Approaches

Photonic Crystals: 2D / 3D Approaches

Periodically arranged dielectric media exhibit interesting novel properties. Like electrons in a semiconductor, propagation of photons in these media with translational symmetry is strongly modified. Certain energy ranges and propagation directions get prohibited. Such media are therefore called photonic crystals (PCs). More on photonic crystals can be found on


These Web-pages describe facilities for the preparation of photonic crystals from electrochemically prepared macroporous silicon, including 2D and 3D approaches. The experimental characterization of the photonic bandgap structures is done by (electron) microscopy as well as by various spectroscopic and optical techniques. Defect design for guiding light through the PCs and shrinking of the semiconductor structures for photonic bandgap applications in the near IR or visible range are under current investigation.



Macroporous silicon for photonic crystals in the IR
Three-dimensional Structures in Macroporous Silicon

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