Silicon Photonics / Photovoltaics

Defects in Solar Cells and Devices


In this topic, the physics of efficiency-limiting defects in solar cells and other electronic devices is investigated. We are not fabricating solar cells but are investigating them in cooperation with our industrial partners. Since 15 years we have been investigating the physics of shunts in silicon solar cells. In addition to electron microscopy techniques (TEM, SEM, EBIC, EDX) and IR light microscopy, we are using mainly infrared lock-in thermography. This technique was further developed and established for device failure analysis by us. We are investigating e.g. the shunt activity of precipitates in block-cast solar silicon and the influence of shunts on Crystalline Silicon on Glass (CSG) solar modules. Moreover, lock-in thermography is used for failure analysis in integrated circuits (ICs) and othe devices. 


Shunts in silicon solar cells
Shunts in Crystalline Silicon on Glass (CSG) modules
EBIC investigation of recombinative defects in solar cells
Failure analysis in integrated circuits
Vorlesungsscript Physik der Solarzelle
(for access please contact O. Breitenstein)

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