Nanowires / Nanoobjects

Templates as reactants

Templates as reactants

L. Zhao, M. Steinhart


The use of porous templates containing aligned nanopores is a versatile method to fabricate arrays of aligned nanowires (C. R. Martin, Science 1994, 266, 1961). However, it remains still a challenge to extend the range of functional target materials that can be formed into one-dimensional nanostructures and microstructures with low defect density and high aspect ratios. To this end, we have exploited ordered porous alumina and macroporous silicon not only as a shape-defining mould but also as a reactant. Depending on the experimental conditions applied, one-dimensional nanostructures consisting of an entire set of functional target materials are accessible from one single source precursor. 




Figure 1: Released tin microtubes formed by reduction of tin selenide inside macroporous silicon as a redox-active host

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