Nanowires / Nanoobjects

Semiconductor Nanowires


Coordination of DFG Priority Program 1165 „ Nanowires and Nanotubes:  From Controlled Synthesis to Function “ and cooperation in the priority program with different groups:

Prof. Voß, University Bremen
Prof. Schlecht, FU Berlin
PD Ronning, University Göttingen

Cooperation within the DIP Project K6.1:
Prof. Liftshitz, Israeli CPI Technion
Prof. Sivan, Israeli CI Technion
Prof. Reiter, Israeli CI Technion
Prof. Frauenheim, University Bremen

Prof. Kalt, University Karlsruhe
Dr. Michler, EMPA, Switzerland
Prof. Krost, Prof. Christen, University of Magdeburg
Dr. Burghard MPI for Solid State Research Stuttgart



Collaborations for projects "Si nanowires by CVD, Si nanowires by EBE, Si nanowires for spectroscopy":


IPHT Jena, Dr. F. Falk, Dr. G. Andrä, Dr. Th. Stelzner

EMPA Thun, Abt 148, Dr. J. Michler

TU Wien, Institut für Festkörperelektronik: Profs. A. Lugstein & E. Bertagnolli

Horiba Jobin Yvon, Dr. R. Geiger, Dr. M. Reich

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