Semiconductor Nanowires


Si Nanowires by oxide assisted VLS process

M. Zacharias, F. Kolb, and C. Büttner


Core-Shell nanowires (SiO2/Si) based on the oxide assisted VLS process are prepared with diameters down to the range of a few nanometers. Basic investigations for the growth process as well as the investigation of the retarded oxidation behavior for nanowires are in the focus of interest. In addition, the transport behavior in nanowires for future devices is studied.


Cover picture of Applied Physics Letters 89, 17 (October 2006)
Florian M. Kolb, Andreas Berger, Herbert Hofmeister, Eckhard Pippel, Ulrich Gösele, and Margit Zacharias, Appl. Phys. Lett. 89, 173111 (2006).








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