Information, Services & Software around Electron Microscopy:

Electron Microscopy Yellow Pages

Center for Electron Microscopy, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne


Micro World

Internet Guide to Microscopy and Related Sites


Crystal Lattice Structures
Crystal Structures of Intermetallic Alloys

Microscopy Vendors Database

Product Database


Crystal Maker
Interactive software for building, displaying, manipulating crystal & molecular structures

Crystal Kit and Mac Tempas

Interactive software for unit cell, atomistic defect & interface modelling in crystalline structure as well as image contrast & diffraction pattern calculation (multislice) for models created by Crystal Kit


NIH Image

Public domain software for acquisition and image processing, including Fourier processing, particle analysis, image stack processing, extension by user defined routines (macro language)


Image Processing in Java - Run Image/J 1.08 as an Applet
Web-based Image Processing with the NIH Image Program

Consortium on Clusters and Ultrafine Particles
Uppsala University, Department of Physics, Cluster and Ultrafine Particles

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