Nanoclusters and nanolayers in semiconductors

Jörg Woltersdorf, Eckhard Pippel

Cooperation partners:

Technische Universität München, Walter-Schottky-Institut (PD Dr. M.S. Brandt, Dr. C. Biehler), Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada (Prof. B. Heinrich, Dr. G. Woltersdorf)




Bihler, C. , C. Jaeger , D. Schlosser , T. Vallaitis , M. Gjukic , M. S. Brandt , E. Pippel , J. Woltersdorf , and U. Gösele
Structural and magnetic properties of Mn5Ge3 clusters in a dilute magnetic germanium matrix.
Applied Physics Letters 88 (11) , p 112506/1-3 (2006)

Woltersdorf, G. , B. Heinrich , J. Woltersdorf , and R. Scholz
Spin dynamics in ultrathin film structures with a network of misfit dislocations.
Journal of Applied Physics 95 (11) , p 7007-7009 (2004)



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