Nanowires / Nanoobjects



The transformation of preceramics can be used to manufacture various nano-scaled materials, e.g., ceramic foams, pre-structured diamond-like nanolayers, and bulk composite components with in situ formed Si-O or C nanotubes.  The formation of such multiwall nano-ensembles within the pore space of metal catalyst doped polymers during the organic-to-inorganic transformation has the potential for a processing route of novel nanofibre or nanowire reinforced microcomposite materials with tailored mechanical and electrical properties at comparatively low temperatures. In this context the pores can be regarded as catalytic microreactors, and controlling of the catalyst particle distribution and of the transient porosity generation may enable an adjustment of the properties of the resulting nanocomposites.


Nanowires in metal/ceramic systems
Diamond-like nanolayers on pre-structured SiC
Nanoclusters and nanolayers in semiconductors
Natural nanocomposites: Bioengineering of the inorganic phase in nacre

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