Nanowires / Nanoobjects

Morphology design in 2D confinement

Morphology design in two-dimensional confinement

M. Steinhart

It is possible to form virtually any material into one-dimensional nanostructures and microstructures. However, their chemical and physical properties depend to a large extent on their internal fine structure, on their crystalline morphology, and on their internal supramolecular architecture. We aim at tailoring these features and on investigating the structure/property relationships thus arising. As model systems, we investigate mixtures, partially crystalline polymers, block copolymers, liquid crystals, semiconductors, metals, and oxides in the two-dimensional confinement of nanopores and micropores.


Transmission electron microscopy image of cross sections of block copolymer nanofibers

Liquid crystals
Block copolymers
Spinodal decomposition

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