Metal Matrix Composites with Optimized Interlayers


Copper/SiC-Ti reactor materials

Jrg Woltersdorf, Eckhard Pippel

Cooperation partner:

Max-Planck-Institut fr Plasmaphysik Garching (Prof. Dr. H. Bolt, Dr. A. Brendel)



Brendel, A. , J. Woltersdorf , E. Pippel , and H. Bolt
Titanium as coupling agent in SiC fibre reinforced copper matrix composites.
Materials Chemistry and Physics 91 (1) , p 116-123 (2005)

Brendel, A. , C. Popescu , C. Leyens , J. Woltersdorf , E. Pippel , and H. Bolt
SiC-fibre reinforced copper as heat sink material for fusion applications.
Journal of Nuclear Materials 332 , p 804-808 (2004)





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