Interface Reactions in the Si-C-O System


Interfaces in SiC-MOS devices

Jörg Woltersdorf, Eckhard Pippel

Cooperation partner:

Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg (Prof. Dr. O. Engström, Dr. E.Ö. Sveinbjörnsson, Dr. H. Ö. Ólafsson)




Pippel, E. , J. Woltersdorf , H. Ö. Olafsson , and E. Ö. Sveinbjörnsson
Interfaces between 4H-SiC and SiO2: Microstructure, nanochemistry, and near-interface traps.
Journal of Applied Physics 97 (3) , p 034302/1-8 (2005)

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